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Has your area rug accumulated dust, hair, dirt, or other substances? If you’re in need of area rug cleaning services, trust Elite Carpet Care.

After spending a day scouring online or visiting stores to find the perfect rug to compliment your room’s design, it’s exciting to see how the room comes together when you find one. While it may look new and untouched, its newness in appearance won’t last long, especially if you own any pets or have the rug in a main area of the home where it gets lots of foot traffic.

Before your sought-after rug is too damaged to reconcile, at Elite Carpet Care, we can help with a professional area rug cleaning. Not only will it help restore the comfort in your Brantford, ON home, but also it can help keep you healthy too!

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Signs That Indicate When Your Area Rug Needs Cleaning

From a distance, your area rug may appear fine and not in need of cleaning. However, if you take a closer look and even perform some easy tests, you might realize that your rug is in dire need of cleaning services. Here are a few signs that your area rug needs professional cleaning:

It Has An Odour:

You might have become nose blind to some odours in your home, but when you get up close to your area rug, you may detect an odour coming from it. Despite vacuuming over the rug to clean the top surface, you cannot reach the deeper crevices of the rug of where the debris has embedded in the material.


When you closely observe your rug, there may be tangles of dirt or hair in the fibres that have caused the rug to tangle up with debris or flatten from being stepped on numerous times without being cleaned. To test it out, you can walk on the rug with a white sock to see whether or not debris sticks to your foot.

Dust Forms:

When you go outside to give your area rug a few rough shakes, if a noticeable dust cloud forms, then that’s just a partial amount of dust that is loosely being freed from your area rug. Any more build-up is already threaded and tangled in the carpet’s material that you can’t clean on your own.

How an Area Rug is Cleaned

Despite futile attempts to vacuum over your area rug, you’ll notice that it won’t keep dust or allergens from embedding in the fibres. In order to thoroughly clean your rug, it’s strongly suggested that you call your local carpet cleaning services.

Our team of professionals at Elite Carpet Care will clean your area rug using the same methods that we use to clean carpet floors, which is called hot water extraction; the simple term is known as steam carpet cleaning because we use steam in the process.

Our high-quality cleaning equipment is used by dispensing extremely hot and pressurized water in order to extract dirt, dust, stains, and other allergens from your rug. Mixed in with the water is an eco-friendly and safe solution used to pull up stubborn stains in your rug, if necessary.

As the water settles for an allotted time, we will then remove the excess water and the rug will need to dry for a few hours afterwards.

Benefits of Professional Area Rug Cleaning

When investing in an area rug to protect your floor surfaces or use it to complement the rest of your home decor, you should also look into the proper investments to keep your rug clean. DIY cleaning options may seem like the first choice, but when it comes to investing in a valuable rug, you don’t want to take any chances of causing it to discolour or be ruined by home-made cleaning solutions. Also, here are other reasons to get your area rug cleaned by professionals:

Guaranteed Cleanliness:

Professionals use special cleaning equipment that not only cleans the harmful contaminants in a rug but when using the steam cleaning method, the germs and bacteria are killed due to the water’s high temperature.

Increase in Lifespan:

Just like when you take care of yourself to stay healthy, when you take care of your rug and have it cleaned and maintained a few times a year, you can increase its lifespan when having it thoroughly deep cleaned.

Less of Your Personal Attention is Needed:

Instead of spending time searching for a risky home-made cleaning solution, why should you spend more time than it’s necessary to clean your rug and not even be able to clean it effectively? You can sit back and relax because a professional cleaning team will have your rug cleaned and sterilized in less time than it would take you to do so yourself.
When deciding which cleaning company to clean your area rug, it’s no small consideration. You want to hire a company that is well-established and one that has a highly praised reputation that will not make any rookie errors that may damage your rug. Founded in 2007, Elite Carpet Care has been serving floor cleaning and odour removal services in Brantford and surrounding Ontario areas.

When you choose us, we don’t take your decision lightly. This is why we make sure to offer premium and high-quality services to our clients. If your area rug is in need of deep cleaning, you can reach us at (519) 900-3978 to restore your rug to the price that you paid for it.

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