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Elite Carpet Care provides carpet and tile cleaning services to keep your floors spotless and looking good as new! Founded in 2007, we offer residential and commercial services in Ancaster and surrounding Ontario areas.

If you have small children or pets, you are more than familiar with how messy your floors get. Even if you don’t have either, accidents can happen and something spills on your floor. While some stains may be easy to remove with store-bought floor cleaners, there are some stains that require other resources to remove them.store-bought

Whether you notice a fresh stain that’s caused by bumping over a can of soda or if your little one knocks over a plate of pasta, these types of stains are not ones you can easily clear up on your carpeted floor alone. Once we explain how to tell when your rug or carpet needs cleaning, we’ll explain how steam carpet cleaning works, and also inform you of the benefits of tile and grout cleaning for other areas of your home.

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Signs That Your Area Rug Needs Cleaning

Our floors are the most trafficked areas in the home. Often times, we forget how dirty they can really be, but when you consider where your shoes and feet go on a daily basis, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Sure, we can vacuum over the rug’s surface, but what about cleaning the rug beyond its surface level? Vacuums don’t offer cleaning chemicals as they’re going over a rug, so how do you really know if your rug is clean? Here are some tests you can do to determine if your rug needs professional cleaning:


Rub Your Hand On the Rug:

Simply rub your hand on the rug a few times, then check to see if your hand is dirty.

Smell Test:

While this may not be the most appealing way, smell your rug to see if it gives off any odours that you’ve become nose blind to.

Lift and Shake:

If the rug is small enough, take it outside to avoid making a mess in your house and shake it around to see if a dust cloud forms.

Fold the Rug:

You can fold a corner of your rug backwards so the root of the fibers are exposed to see if dirt has gathered between them.
The general recommendation is to have your area rug cleaned every year. However, the amount of traffic, whether you have children, pets, if you smoke, or have respiratory illnesses all factor into having your rug cleaned. If you have any further questions about the state of cleanliness your rug is in, one of our services members at Elite Carpet Care will answer any that you may have.

How Steam Carpet Cleaning Works

No matter if you choose to Spring clean your home or clean for the Fall time, cleaning your carpet may be low on your list to prioritize and clean proactively. Not only is it beneficial to remove the stains in your carpet, but you want to make sure that there aren’t harmful germs from dust or other substances trapped within the fibers.

Before you attempt to DIY carpet clean yourself, there are a few risks you’re taking when choosing to perform this task yourself. DIY machines do not heat water to the same temperature as professional cleaning equipment and aren’t as effective, which means that you could put in a lot more effort to see little result.

At Elite Carpet Care, we take pride in using up-to-date methods and carpet cleaning equipment to ensure you that your carpet is almost as good as new. We will perform what’s called a Hot Water Extraction, also commonly known as steam cleaning, on your carpet. We either use a truck-mounted unit or or a portable machine, depending on your living circumstances.

Benefits of Tile and Grout Cleaning

Not only should you make sure that your rug and carpet areas are clean within your homes, but it’s critical to keep your tiles and grout clean. Having the right tile complements with a bathroom or kitchen design, so you want to make sure that there isn’t a build-up between your floors.

Dirt, spills, or bacteria can cause discolouration on the tiles and create a susceptible area for bacteria and allergens to form. If you let your tile floor go too long without cleaning, you may be putting yourself and others at risk. When considering to have your tile flooring clean, here are the benefits of hiring professionals:


They can easily remove those stubborn stains and build-up:

As with carpet, professionals offer equipment that is designed to remove those stubborn grout stains without leaving a filmy residue on your floor.

Professional cleaning protects tile and grout from future stains:

When cleaning grout, it’s best to re-apply sealant over it because over time, it wears off.

Healthier home:

We use cleaning materials that remove most of the bacterias in grout that puts your family at risk when walking barefoot over the floor. Not only will it be healthier for your home, but you’ll notice how white and clean the grout is once it’s been cleaned.

We use cleaning materials that remove most of the bacterias in grout that puts your family at risk when walking barefoot over the floor. Not only will it be healthier for your home, but you’ll notice how white and clean the grout is once it’s been cleaned.

Are you tired of being on your hands and knees while you scrub stubborn carpet stains? Elite Carpet Care wants to be your go-to carpet and tile cleaning services. You can reach us at (519) 900-3978 to keep your floors clean!

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