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The key to Upholstery maintenance is regular cleaning. If you’re looking for an affordable cleaning company you can trust to clean your upholstered chairs or couches of any material, we can help. Give Elite Carpet Care a try today – 519-900-3978.

Why Clean Your Upholstered Furniture?

Upholstery Fabrics last longer and look cleaner, if maintained regularly. Our team can restore the beauty and increase the life of your upholstered furniture. Our method cleans your upholstery deep down, removing all the imbedded particulate builds up over the years bringing back the furniture’s original colour and beauty.

Upholstered furniture are well known reservoirs of allergens, dust and dirt particles. Regular professional cleaning of these fabrics will ensure that you experience a cleaner and healthier indoor living environment.

We use a combination of our unique cleaning solutions and state of the art cleaning technology to safely clean your upholstery with minimal risk and excellent results.

Elite Upholstery Cleaning

We take extreme measures in providing the best upholstery cleaning possible. Fabric sensitive cleaning solutions are used to properly care for upholstery of all kind. For as pricing is concerned, please view our online price list. Comments or Concerns? Please feel free calling me directly with any upholstery cleaning concern: (519) 900-3978

Area Rug
We greatly reduce cost associated with ‘brick & mortar’ area rug cleaning simply because they can be serviced during any scheduled carpet cleaning service. Save time and money by packaging carpet & upholstery cleaning to be done same day.

Bed Mattress
How is the health of your mattress? Do thoughts of bed bugs and dust mites keep you up at night? Not only is it a disgusting thought but they can also affect one’s health. Powerful truck-mount Steam Cleaning instantly kill and sterilize bed bugs and dust mites on contact. Soil & sweat accumulation can lead to potential health and odor issues as well. Call a professional today and sleep easy tonight.

Dining & Sitting Chairs
Do young children use the seat cushions at the dinning room table as a napkin? Mine do and the look terrible but they can be cleaned. Food stains, ink pens and silly putty can all be removed from the dinning room. Impress the guests by having upholstery professionally cleaned.

We put our stinking feet up on them. Shoes or no shoes, socks and bare feet contain oils and sweat that transfer to our furniture over time. Body oils, dander and sweat all contribute to dingy looking furniture and it smells also.

Dozing off to the evening news in the recliner? Often the most used piece of furniture in the family room, they see their share of grunge and wear. Prolong the life of your investments by hiring a professional upholstery cleaner today?

Do you eat on the family room sofa? Sofas experience the greatest abuse from all other furniture in the home or office. Children spill drinks on them. Sweaty men watch football on them after mowing the lawn on a Sunday afternoon. Household pets lay upon them. Trust me, your sofa is nasty. Have it cleaned.

Why Upholstery Cleaning by Elite Carpet Care?

Our upholstery cleaning service covers all types of fabrics. Same day service available! Our qualified upholstery cleaning technicians specialize in cleaning all types of upholstery, using either the steam or dry cleaning methods. Even specialized fabrics such as cotton, Indian cotton and tapestry can be effectively cleaned without being damaged or discoloured.


Fully supervised trained professional staff


More than 25 years experience in the industry


Total commitment to client service and satisfaction


Non-toxic products, safe for children and pets

Professional upholstery cleaning means no mess, no worries and guarantees that the fabrics on your furniture are not damaged by harsh chemicals or abrasives.

How We Clean Upholstery
Treat your upholstery to the very best cleaning and restoration in the Greater Toronto Area. Our extraction cleaning system uses multiple upholstery cleaning technologies including:

Steam Cleaning
Using the latest methods in hot water extraction, our steam cleaning is the safest and most robust for your synthetics and blended materials. Your upholstery is revitalized and refreshed with minimal drying time.

Dry Cleaning
Our organic upholstery cleaning solvents are used on fine cotton, rayon and blends that require a dry cleaning only procedure. Odourless, non-toxic and safe for kids and pets.

Certain upholstery fabrics require a brushing technique or hand scrubbing to loosen soils embedded in the upholstery materials. Our skilled upholstery technicians use natural sponges and specially designed brushes to ensure maximum results for your difficult-to-clean upholstery.

Specialty Cleaning
Antiques, rare and imported upholstery fabric, even water damaged upholstery, needs the special attention that only Reliable upholstery technicians can deliver. Upholstery cleaning methods include Haitian cotton treatment, Dry-Wet-Dry restoration, and encapsulation cleaning.

We clean and restore upholstered furniture to its original state, correct pH problems, clean damage caused by flooding, among many other cleaning problems. We are experts in applying corrective cleaning solutions and extending the life of your valuable upholstery.

Do you have a couch, arm chairs, sectional or other furnishings and upholstery that could use a good cleaning? Call Elite Carpet Care at (519) 900-3978 to clean and freshen up your valuable furnishings today!

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