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Best Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing Services
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Wood floors are a beautiful and popular choice for flooring, but they need to be properly maintained in order to look their best and last the longest.

A lot of people think that once they have wood floors installed, they don’t have to do anything but sweep and mop them regularly to maintain them. This is not the case! You need to deep clean your wood floors on a regular basis, manage any wax or other temporary coatings you may apply from time to time and occasionally screen and recoat the urethane finish in order to keep them looking great.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing Services
If you follow good hardwood floor maintenance practices you can virtually eliminate the need for a far more costly total restoration which involves hours of sanding, prepping, re-staining, and refinishing with multiple coats of professional urethane finish.

Sometimes, wood floors that have not been properly cared for simply need to be replaced because they are just not restorable. So do yourself and your hardwood floors a favour and make a plan to resolve any issues they may have now and then keep them up with regularly scheduled cleaning and finish maintenance by the professionals at Elite Carpet Care in Brantford and surrounding areas.

Below is a description of our hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing services:

1. Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Do your hardwood floors appear rough, dirty, scratched with lack of shine? Probably it’s time to clean your hardwood floors and get them polished to restore them back to their close to original state. Depending on how busy your floors are, you should consider cleaning them 1-4 times per year for most hardwood floors.

Why Professionally Clean Your Wood Floors?

You want to keep your hardwood floors clean and looking good. Like other types of flooring, wood floors should be professionally cleaned and conditioned periodically. Even though you have tried to keep your hardwood floors clean, free of scuff marks, and shining like new, a few dirty spots, and an occasional scuff mark might just be there. There are a lot of reasons that your wood floors become dirty and won’t quite shine like new. For the entry ways, the most abused floors in your home, it’s the dirt, sand, and moisture accumulation that wears on the floor. In other areas of your home, normal traffic starts to show the signs of dulling. That’s why it’s recommended that your hardwood floors be professionally cleaned and polish periodically.

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a unique product formulated to clean, polish, and protect all types of hardwood and laminate floors. This will extend the life and improve the appearance of your wood floors. When you have Elite Carpet Care clean your floors, they’ll be free of the dirt, grime, and scuff marks and will look like new.

Multi Step Wood Floor Cleaning Process

Our multi-step process utilizes the latest technology in machinery and cleaning products. Elite Carpet Care takes the utmost care of your home. Once the area has been prepared, we use a three-step process to clean, rinse and polish your hardwood floor.

Our machine’s rotary brush and self-contained extraction system removes dirt and grime without making a mess. The cleaning process is then repeated with a neutralizer to restore the pH of the wood, as well as remove any contaminates left on the floor.

Finally, an application of a satin or gloss coating brings out the shine and beauty of your floors.

2. Wood Floor Finish Screen and Recoat

Wood floors can start to look a bit dull after a few years of use, and this can be a real eyesore in a home or office.

When your wood floor starts to lose its shine, it’s not only unsightly but it can also be tough to clean. Dull floors are more susceptible to dirt and dust buildup, and this can lead to allergies and other health problems.

If you have used any temporary protected finishing or waxes that are designed to renew floors by filling in micro-scratches and scuffs, shielding against future wear and traffic, and adding a durable low gloss shine – then you may only need to have that coating buildup stripped off, your wood floors cleaned and then a new, protective polish applied, to remove the dullness.

Wood Floor Finish Screen and Recoat
But when your floor is dull from lots of scratches and/or when there isn’t a protective coating being used that could be causing the dullness, that is a sign that stripping and cleaning won’t be enough and it’s time to restore your floors permanent urethane coating.

Wood floor finish screen and recoat is the perfect solution for bringing back the shine to your wood floors when cleaning and repolishing aren’t going to be enough and a full sanding is either not affordable or not necessary.

A wood floor screen and recoating is less expensive than sanding hardwood floors. Sanding is reserved for floors with deeper scratches that require a more aggressive solution. A screen and recoat is ideal for someone with light scratches and dull hardwood floors that are not in need of drastic sanding.Screening your wood floors involves lightly abrading the surface to remove the top layer of finish.

Wood Floor Finish Screen and Recoat
Our process involves buffing the floor with a screen to etch into the polyurethane finish to remove the dull and damaged coating and prepare the surface for a fresh, new topcoat of polyurethane. This new coating will protect your floors from dirt and dust buildup and keep them looking shiny and new for years to come.

Wood Floor Wax Removal

There are a variety of hardwood floor protection products on the market that can help keep your floors looking new. Some of these products include:

Wood Floor Wax:

A protective coating that is not recommended, as it can be difficult to remove

Wood Floor Polish:

A sealant that helps protect your floors from moisture and scratches
Wood Floor Wax Removal
If you have already waxed your hardwood floors with traditional floor wax products then it is important to remove the wax as soon as possible. If left on for an extended period of time, the wax will create a film, making your flooring look dull and can even damage your underlying hardwood

A more common option today is the application of a wood floor protector product as opposed to old-fashioned “wax”. This is often one of the best ways to protect your floors from moisture and damage, but even store-bought protector products can cause build-up and leave your floors looking dull and murky over time.

When that happens, your only option is to strip off this old coating, clean the floors thoroughly and prepare them for a fresh new protective coating again. Unfortunately, wood floor coating removal can be time-consuming and labor-intensive and can cause damage to the underlying floor if you don’t know what you are doing. Like many things in life, you can save yourself the trouble by having trained professionals take care of this for you.

Wood Floor Wax Removal
Our professional, Wood Floor Wax and Coating Removal Stripping Service will take care of everything for you quickly and easily, so you can get back to enjoying your beautiful hardwood floors without any hassle. We have years of experience in stripping wax off of hardwood floors quickly and efficiently, leaving your floors looking as good as new.

Wood Floor Color Correction Repair

Sometimes there are small areas of your wood floor where the protective finish may have been compromised over time and then some damage to the stain has occurred from water, chemicals, or other types of problems that have left spots that are discolored.

In these instances, it is often possible to repair that section of wood flooring and correct the colour before completing a recoating of the finish.

Wood Floor Color Correction
There are a few different ways that you can go about correcting the colour on your wood floor, but the most common way is to prepare this area by removing any finish or coatings in the way and prepping the surface, and then using chemical stain to match to the colour of the surrounding floor as best as possible.

Ideally, having a scrap piece of the current wood floor available to sand down and test various stains on, to determine the best colour (or combinations of colours) to match the repaired area as closely as possible is ideal – but not always available.

When it comes to wood floor color correction repair, it’s important to know the right techniques in order to get the best results. In many cases, we may need to lightly sand down the area that has been damaged before restaining it with the appropriately chosen color to match the surrounding wood floor.

Obviously, this is an advanced service and not something the typical DYI’er should tackled on their own.

At Elite Carpet Care, we have lots of experience and expertise in servicing all types of wood floors and wood floor repairs. You can trust your hardwood floors to us, whether you need deep cleaning, wax and finish removal, screening and recoating or colour repair – we have you covered with our full range of wood floor services. To get a free estimate, call us today at 519-900-3978

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