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Are your carpets clean or are they flat and matted? Trust Elite Carpet Care to smooth out and deep clean the carpet floors in your home!

Carpet floors provide a level of comfort throughout a home. Because floors are areas where people walk and pass through the most, it’s important to keep them clean so harmful contaminants aren’t tracked into a home. When hiring professionals, they will clean your carpet with modern tactics to make sure that your floors are clean and can improve your floor’s lifespan as they are maintained a few times a year.

We will explain how the steam carpet cleaning process is done, what issues are resolved by this cleaning method, and the benefits of it so you can make the decision to have your floors cleaned and much more.

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How Steam Carpet Cleaning Services are Done

When considering how many visible substances your floor attracts, such as food crumbs, hair, dirt, you never consider what invisible contaminants are embedded in your carpet’s fibres. If you have young children that are crawling around, you try to make a greater effort to ensure that your little one is safe and protected in your own home.

If desired, our professionals can walk you step-by-step to explain how we perform our steam carpet cleaning process, also known as hot water extraction. What we do is we use our specialized equipment that heats water to a high temperature. With the water, we mix in a solution that helps clear away stains and soiling, if applicable to the situation. We will either use a truck-mounted unit or our portable machine to distribute the water, let it soak into the carpet, then absorb the water back and sends it into the machine.

After the process is complete, the carpet will still be damp and in need of air drying for the next few hours. You can open the windows of your home or allow the floor to dry at room temperature or as the air conditioning system is on.

Issues That Steam Carpet Cleaning Resolves & Its Benefits

Not only do you want to hire professionals to clean your carpets the right way, but you may wonder about what positive effects steam carpet cleaning has. Here are some benefits to having carpets professional cleaned:


Due to the high pressurized and hot water that’s used during the cleaning process, it will disinfect the surfaces and remove the dirt and substances that are embedded in the carpet’s fibres and bottom level.

Reduction of Health Problems:

You may not have realized it, but as you’re walking around on dirty carpet floors, you are also stirring up particles and other pollutants that are invisible to your vision. As the floors are cleaned and the dust is pulled up from the surfaces, your air quality will have a lesser chance of containing dust particles in the air that you may ingest and cause your allergies to flare up.


One of the biggest features that our company is proud to offer for our steam cleaning process is that we use eco-friendly solutions to remedy stains and odours from the floors. In addition, because the process uses steam, there are no harmful chemicals being used on your floors.

Deep cleans:

Since the steam temperature ranges from 212 or 285 degrees Fahrenheit, the steam cleaning method kills the majority of bacteria, mould growth, and any trapped pollutants and stains that are deep within the carpet.

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