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Are you worried about harmful substances and stains that are trapped in your carpet? Don’t worry any longer. Elite Carpet Care will eliminate the stains and clean your floors to look as good as new!

If you’ve had carpet floors in your home for as long as you can remember, do you recall how often you’ve had it professionally cleaned? If you are used to having your carpet floors cleaned by a vacuum to quickly clean up food, hair, and whatever else your shoes have tracked into your home, it’s important to take a closer look at your floors and have them deep cleaned.

Your floors are the areas where the most traction is in your home, but why don’t we focus on keeping it clean above the other aspects in our house? First, we’ll explain how having a dirty area rug affects your home, the benefits of steam carpet cleaning, and how pet odours are removed from floors and furniture.

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How a Dirty Area Rug Affects Your Home

If your rug is located in a central area of your home where it gains a lot of traffic, either from home residents or your pets, it can become harmful to your health if it is not cleaned routinely. While they may have a beautiful appearance, the materials that they’re made from can attract debris, which then sparks health hazards for those who are sensitive to allergens. Here’s how having a dirty area rug can affect your home:

Allergens and Irritants Are Trapped:

Mold and insects love materials that they can burrow and hide in. When an area rug isn’t cleaned often, bugs can hide in the material and dust can become stuck in the fibers. As the build-up of these allergens increase, it will then build-up in layers that make the rug more difficult to clean.

Health Issues Flare Up:

As more and more people step on a dirty area rug, although we may not be able to see it, particles of debris and carpet fibers can circulate throughout the home. When we inhale these particles, people are at risk of developing respiratory or skin ailments due to the contamination in the air.
If you or any other individuals in your home are experiencing a decline in health, you can check the rugs in your home to see if either of these factors is affecting your household. If the rug is expensive or sentimental, you can speak with one of our staff members for more information and to see if your rug can be restored and cleaned.

Why Steam Carpet Cleaning is Beneficial

Carpet cleaning methods vary with each company, so you may have the question of which method is more beneficial: steam or chemical? Chemical cleaning solutions may allow the carpet to dry quicker, but that’s because they only clean the top layers of the carpet’s surface, which is ineffective against deep stains.

At Elite Carpet Care, we steam clean your carpet because it removes a high percentage of dirt and bacteria within your carpet. It deep cleans your carpet so it reaches the lowest layer of your carpet to clean thoroughly and effectively. We also use eco-friendly solutions because we know how some chemicals can flare up health problems for residents in the home. Although it may take longer to dry, just because of how deep the solution seeps into your carpet, you will see outstanding results when your floor dries after a few hours.

Choosing the right type of cleaning method for your floors is critical and will leave an impression in your home or office. To get those hard to reach stains, we find that steam cleaning is the best solution to use for our clients’ floor needs.

How the Pet Odour Removal Process is Done

If you have pets in your home, accidents and surprises are bound to happen. As you try to hurry and clean up the mess to avoid it leaving a stain or foul odour, sometimes you may not notice that it happened until hours later. Don’t let the stains and odours prevent you from having visitors over, because now would be a perfect opportunity to have your carpet floors cleaned with a routine maintenance!

Removing pet stains and odours require professional services because it’s the store-bought remedies that appear as if they’re working, but aren’t curing the initial root of the stain. You may consider using chemicals from the store to pat and clean your carpet, but you could also spread the stain and cause the substance to soak deeper into the carpet.

We use our professional equipment to perform the sub-surface extraction method. The up-to-date equipment we use has UV lighting because, fun fact, pet urine has a fluorescent glow under this type of lighting. Once we locate the soiled areas, we then use our special solution to saturate the area to remove pet odours. Once the odour breaks down, we then use the water machine to flush out the solution and retract the contaminated area.

Simple enough, right? Using this method, we are able to rid your carpet of pet odour that you can’t seem to get rid of! Now that you are familiar with the effects of a dirty area rug, why steam cleaning is beneficial, and how we remove odours, we hope that you will consider us to be your professional carpet and floor cleaning company to mitigate your problems. Founded in 2007, we strive to serve our clients using the most high-quality equipment and our well-knowledgeable team of experts to clean your floors with eco-friendly solutions.

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