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At one point in your life, you may have been told to not walk outside barefoot because of germs and dirt. While you may not realize it, the same can be said for your floors, carpet, and furniture. To make matters worse, many Dundas, ON homeowners think they’re doing enough by just sweeping and vacuuming around the home.

With just that level of care, however, you’re not cleaning the real threats that your floor may hold – and we’re not talking about leftover crumbs that have fallen. Bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and general pollutants can all be living inside your home, and a professional carpet cleaning from our pros at Elite Carpet Care can help!

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The Steam Carpet Cleaning Process

Since floors are subjected to the most traffic, it’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned every few years; because not only does it acquire stains over time, but it also accumulates bacteria and pollutants to live in the fibres. Our professional carpet cleaning services utilize a process called hot water extraction cleaning, but more commonly referred to as steam cleaning.

At Elite Carpet Care, we use a machine that’s designed to clean the carpet effectively. The machine dispenses high pressured hot water that’s mixed with a cleaning solution to agitate the carpet’s surface and its deep fibres in order to dissolve the dirt and other material trapped in the carpet. After the cleaning solution has settled into the carpet for a certain amount of time, we will brush and rinse the carpet again. Then, the carpet will be left to dry at room temperature or in an air-conditioned setting.

Depending on the size of the carpet, it could take between an hour or two to clean, and then a few more hours to dry. We may recommend the best time to schedule is during the afternoon so the carpet may dry overnight and not disrupt your daily routine, but we will accompany your schedule as best as we need to.

The Benefits of Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood floors are returning as a must-have flooring in homes throughout Dundas. As you make the decision of which hardwood flooring best fits your style and home, you’ll want to maintain its shine and beauty over time. Some professionals recommend that you should have your hardwood floors cleaned every six to 12 months.

However, it’s important to note that cleaning hardwood floors is not a task that should be done on your own. You may not use the correct cleaners on your floor, which can ultimately lead to damaging them and creating a bigger problem. When hiring professionals for hardwood floor cleaning, here are some benefits:


Applied Finishes:

Professionals will re-apply floor finish to decrease the chance of everyday damage and increase your floor’s durability. Over time, the floor’s original finish will wear off, leaving it more vulnerable to nicks and other damages to ruin your flooring.

Less Costly:

When you choose to have your floors cleaned once or twice a year, you can save yourself the bug expense of having to purchase new flooring or having it sanded due to everyday damages and scuffs.

Bypass Rookie Mistakes:

When placing your floor cleaning task in someone else’s hands, you are trusting that the company will not ruin your floors or waste your time and money if they make a novice mistake. It’s important to do your research and rely on company’s that are reputable.

Extended Floor Life:

When placing your floor cleaning task in someone else’s hands, you are trusting that the company will not ruin your floors or waste your time and money if they make a novice mistake. It’s important to do your research and rely on company’s that are reputable.
When it comes to choosing which professional to clean your floors, trust your local professionals to take care of this major assignment. Elite Carpet Care strives to restore your hardwood floors to a like-new condition. If you have any questions about our process or are interested in knowing more, feel free to give us a call!

Why Professional Pet Odour Removal Services are Needed

As you’re training a new puppy where to go to the bathroom, there will be lots of accidents in between purchasing the puppy and when it is finally housebroken and trained to go where it needs to go. While you keep the odour and stain removal in a nearby closet, it’s not the most effective product to use to clean up messes. When a new pet owner uses stain and odour removers, these products are usually meant to be used less frequently, and can even spread the stain to create a bigger mess.

If you are trying to cut corners and go the DIY route, this is dangerous to do as well. Using the wrong type of chemicals or materials on your floors could create a bigger problem in your carpet because mould, stains, and over-saturation can be caused when not using proper chemicals.

At Elite Carpet Care, we use high-quality and up-to-date equipment to remove those pesky stains and odours from your floors. There’s no need to be on your hands and knees scrubbing at stains that will take us an hour or less to clean!

Don’t be embarrassed to have guests over any longer, call Elite Carpet Care to remove stains and odours from your floor. You can reach us at (519) 900-3978 to schedule for carpet or hardwood floor, and odour removal services today!

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