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Do your hardwood floors need cleaning? Does your furniture need touching up? Call Elite Carpet Care for all your carpet and upholstery needs in Paris, ON.

Just like the importance of furniture to reflect your style, hardwood floors add a sleeker look in your home, but how often should they be cleaned? When it comes to an important item like your flooring and furniture, you’ll want to make sure that it’s cleaned thoroughly and professionally. At Elite Carpet Care, we are your reliable Paris, ON carpet cleaning and upholstery experts. Using safe methods and years of expertise, we can ensure your home looks its best.

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How Can Steam Carpet Cleaning Benefit Your Home?

If you have carpet in your home for appearances or for soft padded comfort as you walk, it’s extremely important to know how to properly take care of it. When you have your carpet steam cleaned, you’re not only improving its condition and extending its lifespan but also you’re adding plenty of other benefits, including:

Health Improvement:

Carpets are like a net for allergens, bacteria, and dust to get caught or trapped in. While vacuuming only removes surface-level debris, it will flatten and pat down pollutants that are embedded deeper and closer to the rug’s bottom level.

Airflow Improvement:

As your carpet is holding dust and other allergens, if it’s placed in a room where it’s constantly being stepped on, allergens can stir up in the air and cause you and your family to inhale or ingest the particles. Professionally cleaning a rug can help improve air quality and rid the air from containing harmful elements.

Looks and Feels Better:

Just having a clean carpet with its fibres untangled and not matted improves the overall look of a home. When the fibres cling together via dust or build-up, the carpet ages in appearance and sometimes it appears flat in heavily-trafficked areas.
With an expert carpet cleaning service from our pros at Elite Carpet Care, you can enjoy a healthier home and a better-looking carpet to boot.

The Importance of Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning

In order for your hardwood flooring to keep its sleek design and beauty, it requires maintenance and routine cleaning. Our professional team will convert your dull hardwood floor that’s accumulated dust and shoe debris into one that sparkles and shines. We make this transformation using the necessary tools to ensure that your floors aren’t ruined in the process.

When you hire our floor cleaning services, just remember: we’re on your side. Although you might not see the point in hiring professionals to clean your hardwood floors a couple of times a year, we want to help you save money in the long run by not having to purchase a new floor altogether due to poor maintenance.

Proactively having your floor cleaned also extends your floor’s lifespan because we will refinish your floor to protect it against everyday damages and scuffs that happen. So, forget the thought of making it a DIY project.

When You Should Consider Upholstery Cleaning

When you own pets or have small children, you may want to consider having your upholstery cleaned a few times a year. Since your furniture is where you feel most comfortable, you’ll want to feel assured that it’s safe and relatively clean for you and your family.

If you thought carpets are most susceptible to pollutants, think again. Despite how clean your furniture looks from the naked eye, we are not able to see bacteria and germs – and while that may be a good thing, it means that we fail to recognize and forget to make sure our furniture and surrounding areas are clean.

When you think about the amount of time your family or visitors spend on your couch, it’s easy to understand how it can contain dirt, body oils, and other items that can latch onto the material. Accidents happen as well, so you may have stains or discolouration on your upholstery that has become an eyesore in the room.

At Elite Carpet Care, our team of cleaning specialists are able to use methods that meet your cleaning needs. We are able to remove stains and help you get your furniture looking in top shape as it once was. When you call our company, we will provide you with in-depth knowledge and can explain our cleaning process with you. We want to be transparent with our clients so they know exactly what we have to offer.

If your floors or furniture are in need of cleaning, don’t hesitate to call Elite Carpet Care at (519) 900-3978. We will restore your floor’s shine and clean your upholstery so your home is safe and healthy! 

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